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The Brain Tooth Connection

Did you know that your teeth are in a constant communication with your brain? There is a hormonal feedback loop with the hypothalamus area that controls the pressure in the pulp and the resulting fluid flow helps prevent decay. No one has been writing about this more than Dr. Ken Southward. That is why I […]

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What If You Are Told You Have a Cavity?

One of the hardest things I have had to do is tell a patient transferring in from another office that they have some decay or leaky restorations. If they had a great relationship with their previous dentist but the quality of care was low judging by the amount of decay or poorly contoured fillings, it […]

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Getting a Referral

Dentistry is a profession with many disciplines.  This means that there are several different specialties, such as, oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics as well as a few others.  Usually if I see a case that is outside of my comfort zone I will refer to one of the specialists with more training than I in that […]

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The Unusual Case of the Disappearing Tooth

When I mention the word eruption the first thought is probably of a volcano or perhaps a geyser.  The process by which teeth enter the mouth is also called eruption.  Obviously it is a much slower process taking from several months to up to a year between the time it cuts thru the gum and assumes its normal […]

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