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Why the Ice Man Needed a Dentist

In the early 1990’s a mummy was recovered in the Tyrolean Alps on the Italian-Austrian border. Based on radiocarbon dating techniques, the specimen turned out to be a man, nicknamed “Otzi,” who lived and died 5,300 years ago.  Since its discovery it has undergone extensive examination.  This plants him firmly in the Neolithic Era and is one of […]

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An Unusual Cavity

Most cavities occur in the groves of back teeth.  This is where food is most likely to get stuck or with improper cleaning it can linger and cause decay.  These are sometimes called “brushing cavities.” Another common area is on the smooth surface between teeth because this is another area that food can sometimes get […]

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Saving a Life

While at a friend’s dental office the other day I was stopped by one of his assistants whom I did not recognize right away but had been in my office on emergency about 15 years ago when her regular dentist was away.  After I realized who she was and we exchanged pleasantries she said, “Dr. Sorrentino, […]

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How to Correctly Remove Mercury Containing Fillings

It has become clear that restoring teeth with old style silver fillings is yesterday’s technology.  I can give you several reasons why this is the case.  They are ugly, crack teeth over time, and contain heavy metals such as silver, copper, tin and mercury.  Up to 55% mercury, which is a known human toxin.  It is no longer appropriate […]

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