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When the Doctor is the Patient: Part I

I have been having a problem with a tooth on the lower right side since last fall.  All I know is that something hurt and I could not tell if it was an upper or lower.  I had a professional cleaning last October with radiographs and everything looked normal.  Over the winter it never went […]

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¿Por qué están reduciendo el rostro humano?

Hace poco asistí a una presentación dental donde se hablaba de la gestión de las vías respiratorias. Al hablar con el orador él compartió esta diapositiva conmigo. Le dí una buena mirada en ella. Es un cráneo de aspecto moderno en el arco superior vista desde abajo. ¿Observaron la línea de punteada? Ahí es donde […]

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Why are Human Faces Narrowing?

Recently I attended a dental meet where the talk was about airway management.  After talking with the speaker he shared the above slide with me.  Take a good look at it.  It is a modern skull looking at the upper arch from below.  Notice the dotted line?  That is where your teeth are supposed to […]

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The Oral Systemic Link is Inflammation

Dentistry has many different treatment options and adjunct services but at the end of the day we are charged with treating three major conditions. Malocclusions, or crooked teeth; tooth decay, sometimes called caries; and periodontal or gum disease. With much of our profession researched based as you might imagine there is a huge volume of […]

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