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What If You Are Told You Have a Cavity?

One of the hardest things I have had to do is tell a patient transferring in from another office that they have some decay or leaky restorations. If they had a great relationship with their previous dentist but the quality of care was low judging by the amount of decay or poorly contoured fillings, it […]

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Getting a Referral

Dentistry is a profession with many disciplines.  This means that there are several different specialties, such as, oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics as well as a few others.  Usually if I see a case that is outside of my comfort zone I will refer to one of the specialists with more training than I in that […]

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The Unusual Case of the Disappearing Tooth

When I mention the word eruption the first thought is probably of a volcano or perhaps a geyser.  The process by which teeth enter the mouth is also called eruption.  Obviously it is a much slower process taking from several months to up to a year between the time it cuts thru the gum and assumes its normal […]

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Choices in Dental Filling Materials

As I believe an educated consumer makes the best choices, I want to review the current choices available in filling materials for you.  Many people either have dental insurance and go to a participating dentist who takes their plan without any thought as to what he is using or pay directly and will choose based solely […]

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